Gordon Research Conference on Cell Biology of Megakaryocytes and Platelets

This week Silkfusion H2020 Project was present at the Gordon Research Conference on Cell Biology of Megakaryocytes and Platelets.


The Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on the Cell Biology of Megakaryocytes and Platelets is the premier scientific meeting focused on the biology of megakaryocytes and the platelets that arise from them. The program of this 8th biennial meeting was designed to highlight the latest developments in fundamental science, technological innovation, and the clinical progress in this field. Tied in with the GRC is a two-day Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) for trainees interested in this field. The GRS and GRC meetings take place from February 23-24 and February 24-March 1, respectively, at the beautiful, historic Hotel Galvez, Galveston Island, Texas, located on the Gulf of Mexico. With the unique surroundings of wide beaches and numerous attractions on and near the island, this will be an exciting and memorable venue for all attendees.

Sessions will cover a diverse range of topics, including the basic biology and clinical application of platelet receptors and signaling pathways, megakaryocyte lineage development and disruptions in the bone marrow niche, novel ways to generate designer platelets and platelet-like particles for clinical use, studies that expand our horizon of what platelets and megakaryocytes can do, especially in the setting of immunity and inflammation, and cutting edge technologies to study these cells on a single cell level.

Known for its collegial and inclusive atmosphere, the GRC meeting draws a mixture of scientists, clinicians and industry representatives. It provides the ideal setting for cross-fertilization of ideas, conceptual advances, and the promotion of collaborations. Trainees will have the opportunity to present their work to senior investigators during highly interactive poster sessions. Furthermore, the most exciting abstracts will be selected for oral presentation during the GRC or the GRS meeting.




Our coordinator, Alessandra Balduini, presented a talk on “New Approaches in 3D Bio-Modelling to Document Megakaryocyte Functional Regulation by Extracellular Matrix Structure and Composition”