INTERVIEW | Johana Macedo: “Turning an idea into something valuable for the market constitutes the principal objective in the framework of a European Project”

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Johana Macedo Name Johana Macedo Almeida
Job title IP Lawyer
Organization Knowledge Innovation Market – KIM
Education Law degree, Intellectual Property Master at the Carlos III University of Madrid
Country Spain


What is the role of the innovation on the Project?

The innovation is a fundamental factor in the process of analysing intangible assets could be protectable. Turning an idea into something valuable for the market constitutes the principal objective in the framework of a European Project. And this Consortium realized about the need of the market in the production of platelets and the possibility of making it feasible through their previuos work. Which means that the previous work as patents, and the joint work could not only result in individual innovations (such as inventions or creations), but also in a protected and profitable innovation.

But nowadays, and because of the crisis that represents COVID around the world, medical innovations have become vitally important not only in financial investment but the ownership of it has been an important issue in news and press. The importance of a good strategy and definition of the holders rights has became relevant in these days; taking into account that the most valuable companies around the world are those focus on intangibles.

And what is an intangible?

It is an asset that lacks of physical form but has many ways in order to be utilised and exploited, it could be protected as a copyright, a trademark, patents, domain names, etc. But also could be knowledge, process, reputation, market value.

This is what about KIM is in charge in Silkfusion. It is focus on study all the intangibles that has or could contain the Project in the near future in order to stablish a strategy that depends not just in the legal aspect but in the market value of the final product.

Finally, the WIPO says that many innovations can be protected through Intellectual Property.

How an IP strategy would be defined?

It is easy, it constitutes a development of actions in order to utilizes Intellectual Property in order to get benefits, increase the market share and low the costs. It is so important even for a small Company.

The steps that we implemented in this aspect is first of all, identify the intangible and analyse its status (if it does not infringes rights of third parties ori f it accomplishes the legal requirements in order to be protected by the legal figure). This requires a legal knowledge in the specific territory.  After giving all the alternatives in order to protect it; the work constinous on the exploitation and its possibilities according to our expertise.

What to expect in terms of innovation about the project or what is the expectation on terms of protect the innovation?

This Project contains, as I said before, patents and intangibles assets that together can bring to the medical innovation, many possibilities. Because of its stage, I cannot or I shoud not talk about it specifically. In a vague way, my collegues has been taked about on their interviews. They are the speciallist on the technology.

But I can say that the expectation on innovation in this Project is very high since the search results constitutes a need on the market (more nowadays) that should be completed. The Project is still in progress and every change in the innovation process can change the accomplishment on the legal requirements. Also, it is very important for legal causes to have the innovation in a secret state that does not compromises the possibilities of a protection.