New article: Mechanisms of platelet release: in vivo studies and in vitro modeling


📑 Mechanisms of platelet release: in vivo studies and in vitro modeling


  • Abbonante, Vittorio
  • Di Buduo, Christian A.
  • Malara, Alessandro
  • Laurent, Pierre-Alexandre
  • Balduini, Alessandra

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Mechanisms related to platelet release in the context of the bone marrow niche are not completely known. In this review we discuss what has been discovered about four critical aspects of this process: 1) the bone marrow niche organization, 2) the role of the extracellular matrix components, 3) the mechanisms by which megakaryocytes release platelets and 4) the novel approaches to mimic the bone marrow environment and produce platelets ex vivo.

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Published by Platelets
  • Published online January 11 Jun 2020