A novel 3D solution for large-scale ex-vivo platelet production, transfusion and drug research

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The limited supply of human platelets and the rapidly growing demand for medical research and clinical applications including studies of platelet-related disease mechanisms and platelet transfusions for patients, are manifest. In Europe, the demand of platelets averages 5 units per 1,000 population per annum, i.e. 2.5 million units per year, costing over €375 million. Due to the ageing population and ever more aggressive chemotherapies, platelet demand is increasing by 10% every year, while the supply of platelets is entirely dependent on allogenic donations.

SilkFusion is a groundbreaking 3D silk-fibroin technology for ex-vivo large-scale production of blood platelets for human transfusion from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs). Its core technology combines genetically engineered human pluripotent stem cells differentiating into megakaryocytes and functionalized silk-fibroin platforms and bio-inks to release the platelets from the megakaryocytes.

Therefore, SilkFusion could cover the urgent need for new mechanisms to generate functional platelets ex-vivo to address clinical needs as well as for insight into fundamental studies of mechanisms of physiologic and pathologic platelet production.

Why use SilkFusion system

3D technology

SilkFusion will use silk-fibroin as a bio-ink for 3D printing an ex-vivo bone marrow model containing viable megakaryocytes for producing platelets.


SilkFusion will help to provide immunologically-matched platelets to alloimmunised patients and platelets with enhanced coagulation capacity specifically suited for patients with acute haemorrhage resulting from trauma, surgery and wounded in conflict zones.


SilkFusion will foster the production of platelets for clinical transfusions in humans at an affordable cost.

Fast and self-sufficient

SilkFusion will enable large-scale production of platelets in real time, upon demand and without depending on blood donations.


SilkFusion will allow high-fidelity reproducible printing of silk-based devices for better diagnosis for diseases.


SilkFusion will provide pathogen-free materialSilk fibroin is an EMA/FDA approved biomaterial and not thrombogenic.