CELLINK is a 3D Bioprinting company and global leader in Bioinks for bioprinting of human tissue and organs. CELLINK has created one of the world’s first universal Bioinks, today used by many of the world’s most well-reputed research institutions. Additionally, CELLINK offers several ready to use Bioinks, and custom-made Bioinks to suit specific tissues or cells, along with ready to use cell-mixer configurations for the printing of cellularized constructs. CELLINK currently offers three bioprinters; the INKREDIBLE, the INKREDIBLE+ and the BIO X. BIO X is the new go-to bioprinter for life science companies, researchers and innovators who work with bioprinting. Built to meet the needs of today’s bio-scientists, BIO X allows the user to orchestrate the intricate process of building human tissues. BIO X is the most user friendly bioprinter on the market and a complete standalone product.