Integrated Systems Engineering Srl (ISENET)

ISENET, thanks to its participation in several EU Stem Cells research projects (e.g. NeuroScreen, NeuroStemCell, NeuroStemCellRepair), has developed extensive know-how in the characterization, quality control and cryopreservation of neuronal iPSC. Presently is the custodian of very valuable Stem Cells lines (properly consented) derived from European Leading Scientists, which have been characterized, quality controlled and distributed by ISENET. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) biobanks are an invaluable resource for basic and clinical research since they provide a sustainable supply of accessible cell lines that meet high quality and safety standards. iPSCs are particularly useful to understand disease mechanisms, models for drug development and generation of novel clinical therapies. However, regardless of the end use, it is important that every step in the whole process, starting from the origin to the cell line throughout expansion and manipulation, must be performed and rigorously recorded. ISENET participates actively in the major Biobanking International Societies (ISBER, ESBB and BBMRI) and is an active member of the GET Consortium and chair of the Biobanking and Biosecurity Faculty with the objective to establish an AID Biobank in Africa (for Ebola biospecimen). It is also a member of the Qatar Biobanking Committee supporting its Population Biobank.

Pasquale De Blasio, is an international manager with more than 35 years experience in industrial and academic positions. He is the founder and CEO of Integrated Systems Engineering srl; is very active member of the International Society of Biological and Environmental Biorepositories ( and founder president of European, Middle Eastern and African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking (ESBB)